Dental crowns are durable covers made of very hard materials that are placed over the entire tooth to help provide strength and protection as well stop any further decay or damage following a root canal. They can also be used to hide deep discoloration, chips and other cosmetic issues. Crowns are custom-fit for your tooth and can be tinted to match the neighboring teeth so they look and feel completely natural.

Crowns are used whenever the structure of a tooth needs extra support and strength, such as when a tooth has a very large cavity or a large portion of the tooth has broken away. They’re also usually used following a root canal to help provide strength and preserve the tooth, and to hide deep discoloration following a root canal or trauma. Crowns are also applied to the teeth that are used to support a bridge, providing added strength as well as reducing the risk of damage at the points where the bridge is attached to the supporting teeth.

Crowns at Smile Hub Dental will use CEREC technology whenever possible to grant you the fastest service. First, digital 3D imaging is done around the area to precisely measure each surface the crown will be placed on. Second, the imaging is uploaded into the CEREC software where a digital crown will be crafted to the perfect fit around your adjacent and opposing teeth. Third, the CEREC CAD/CAM will spin into action and carve and polish a perfectly beautiful crown ready for placement within a couple hours. Your dentist will then place the crown and seal it with a strong bonding agent. If you require a crown that CEREC technology cannot accommodate it would be applied in two visits. During the first visit, the tooth is prepared and an impression is made to serve as a model for the crown. A temporary crown may be applied to protect the tooth. At the end of a dental visit or the next one, the crown is adhered using a very strong bonding agent.

CEREC crowns are extremely durable because of their precise fit to the tooth structure. With proper care, assuming the underlying tooth and gum remain healthy, they can last for a lifetime. To help extend the life of your crown, brush and floss regularly and see the dentist on a routine basis to ensure it remains properly seated on your tooth, and also avoid chewing on hard candies or ice or eating very sticky foods that can cause the crown to become damaged or dislodged.

How it's done

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Digital impressions are taken of the mouth and area.

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The CEREC equipment builds the crown in ~2 hours.

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The CEREC crown is installed and bite adjusted.

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